Orthopaedic technology

Mr Tinga, workshop manager
L. M. Tinga, workshop manager

The Orthopaedic Technology department was initiated for the sole purpose of providing relevant orthopaedic appliances for the physically challenged persons. The department at the Rehabilitation Clinic was started in 1960 by a volunteering Swiss Physiotherapist. At the time there were no trained Orthopaedic Technologists in Kenya and therefore, the only option was to use local artisans with basic knowledge in leather work and metal technology to produce the appliances.

With the coming on board of professionally trained Orthopaedic Techologists in early 1990s, the face of orthopaedic appliances has greatly changed for the better, with more conventional appliances being fabricated at the Rehabilitation Clinic.

Today, the workshop's orthopaedic technologists and leather- and metal artisans help to increase the mobility of individuals with disabilities by custom fabricating high-quality orthopaedic appliances, such as calipers, auxiliary crutches, surgical  boots, and other special equipment that may be required by both in- and outpatients.

Since 1992 the Clinic has also managed the "Jaipur" (artificial limb) project.  Besides the custom-fabrication of both above-knee and below-knee prosthesis, the Clinic’s Orthopedic Technology department organizes counselling sessions with amputees.

In 2010 alone the department fabricated over 7000 different types of appliances.

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