What you can do

We kindly appeal for further support in the following areas to enable us reach more children with disabilities and offer quality rehabilitation services.

Donation tins

  • Sponsor surgeries: The cost per surgery has been calculated at Kshs.55,000.00 (US$670) to fully rehabilitate a child with disability.  The cost covers the admission fee at the clinic, hospital bills, and costs of post operative care which includes medicines, meals, nursing support staff and other related overhead costs.
  • Sponsor education : Currently 100 children are being sponsored and we aim to get 50 more children into suitable education over the next 12 months.
    • Kshs.30,000 (US$365) will cover the annual school fee for a suitable primary boarding school for 1 child.
    • Kshs.36,000 (US$440) will cover the annual school fee for a high school place.
    • Kshs.20,000 (US$245) will pay for uniforms, stationery and personal effects for one child attending boarding school. 
  • Fuel for the mobile clinic: Kshs.35,000 (US$425) will cover fuel for our mobile clinic vehicle for one month. (Our mobile clinic covers approximately 1,000kms each month).
  • Food donations: Kshs.700 (US$8.50) will pay for an in-patient's meals for one week. 
  • Cleaning materials at Kshs.5,550 (US$67) will cover cleaning materials for the Clinic for one week
  • Children outings - Kshs.25,000 (US$305) will pay for a day at the beach for 60 in-patients.
  • Children clothes- Kshs.2,800 (US$35) will purchase 2 sets of clothes for one in-patient.
  • A generator: Kshs.850,000 (US$10360) will purchase a generator which will help us to deal with the frequent power outages in Mombasa

Contact us:

APDK Rehabilitation Clinic, PO Box 93959-80100 Mombasa, Kenya

T: +254 (0)202058034

Mob: +254 (0)723732010

E: info@apdkrehabclinic.org

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