Clinic school

Students in class At APDK we realize that offering rehabilitation services alone does not complete the whole picture of rehabilitation. Children with disabilities in Kenya are vulnerable and marginalized with limited opportunity to access medical/rehabilitation services, education, gainful employment and achievement of social integration.

Schooling appropriate for the different ages and abilities is not easy to achieve.  Some in-patients are bed-bound, and the abilities of the children can vary widely.

The clinic has got 2 teachers and 2 class rooms to provide schooling for in-patients. There are currently 24 children in the Nursery class, where subjects taught are: writing, reading, Numbers/arithmetic, singing/music, drawing and painting, indoor and outdoor activities. The Upper class is currently attended by 35 pupils, where subjects taught are: maths, English, Kiswahili and - once the computers are repaired – computer literacy. In addition to this there are handicraft lessons and outdoor activities.

Contact us:

APDK Rehabilitation Clinic, PO Box 93959-80100 Mombasa, Kenya

T: +254 (0)202058034

Mob: +254 (0)723732010


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Education sponsorships

Many of our young patients come from remote areas and a poor background. There are not many special or mainstream schools in Kenya which admit students with disability, which makes boarding often necessary. Education suitable for those children is therefore often impossible for their families to afford.

Our clinic facilitates school sponsorships by assessing patients after they have undergone rehabilitation, determining their educational and monetary needs, identifying which schools are suitable, and finding donors who are prepared to pay school fees.

Find out more about how you can support our school sponsorship scheme in the Fundraising area of this website.