Occupational therapy

James Mutuma, OT in charge
The Occupational Therapy department has sections for in-patients and out-patients.


Paediatric rehabilitation is a therapeutic program designed to assess, treat and manage a variety of neuromuscular, skeletal or cognitive limitations.

We evaluate and treat infants, children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties with the performance of daily activities in the area of feeding/eating, self-care, play, learning and development due to a variety of congenital or acquired disorders.

The department is also responsible for the assessment, referral and post-operative care of neurological conditions like hydrocephalus or spina bifida.

Contact us:

APDK Rehabilitation Clinic, PO Box 93959-80100 Mombasa, Kenya

T: +254 (0)202058034

Mob: +254 (0)723732010

E: info@apdkrehabclinic.org

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Occupational therapist with baby patient