Child holding up thank-you-signThe Rehabilitation Clinic is a non-for-profit organisation that largely depends on the contributions from our donors.

We are grateful to the international donors who support our patients, our projects and the general running of the clinic.

We also give a big thank-you to all the donors on the national scene who e.g. help with comsumables, provide vouchers and sponsorship.

Download our Annual Report 2010 to find out more about how our clinic works, and visit the other pages in this section to find out how you can help and what support we already receive.

Contact us:

APDK Rehabilitation Clinic, PO Box 93959-80100 Mombasa, Kenya

T: +254 (0)202058034

Mob: +254 (0)723732010


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The following pages provide more information about the finances and fundraising requirements of our organisation: