Community outreach programme (mobile clinic)

The APDK Rehabilitation clinic maximizes its impact by extending quality referral and rehabilitation services beyond the walls of the institution, and building the capacity of communities and other service providers to support and advocate for Persons with Disability (PWD) and their families.

The mobile clinic covers over 1500km and 111 stations of the rural Coast Province each month to ensure the PWDs residing in these isolated areas are assessed and referred for treatment.

The team screens the patients for different surgeons and refers around 50 patients per month to the Rehabilitation Clinic.

The outreach team has also embarked on training of community health workers in each county to raise awareness of the different types of disability, and networks with different stakeholders – in particular Special Education teachers - who refer children to different special schools.

You can view the schedules for our mobile clinic routes in the news and events section of this website.

Contact us:

APDK Rehabilitation Clinic, PO Box 93959-80100 Mombasa, Kenya

T: +254 (0)202058034

Mob: +254 (0)723732010


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Mobile clinic on location in TaitaMeeting with patient's family on the roadsideMobile Clinic on the road