Community-based rehabilitation (CBR)

The CBR Program was established in 1994 in the urban slum areas of Mombasa when a need for reaching out to disabled persons in the community was identified.  The main aim was to identify and assess children with disabilities (hidden in homes due to social stigma) and to educate the parents on the needs of a disabled child.

Now the CBR therapists, social workers and Community Rehabilitation Workers have spread their activities to cover almost the whole of Mombasa District through door to door surveys, creating and raising awareness on disability issues, training of parents and care givers on basic therapy techniques then placing the patients on home treatment programs until they are able to perform their activities of daily living. The team encourages persons with disabilities to be independent and participate in development activities.

The clinic's CBR section also operates a Day Care centre located at Bombolulu Workshop and Cultural Centre, whose main purpose is to care for children with severe disabilities during the day in order to relieve the parents. This gives time in particular to the mothers to engage in income generating activities.

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